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Site Features

Each classified ad can contain these items:

- Title,
- Short Description,
- Long Description
- URL,
- Phones,
- Price,
- Video from or other similar site,
- Detailed map by using Google maps,
- Category,
- Area,
- Images gallery,
- Downloadable files.

Special categories:

- Most popular ads,
- New ads,
- Most commented ads,
- Featured ads
- Galleries

RSS output for new ads, popular ads, most commented ads, each individual category.
Visitors can send a message to their friends regarding your listing or any ad directly from your pages.
Message Board
Each classified ad can be listed in one or more categories, areas.
Ad owners can upload any file types by a web based upload form.
Registered ad owners can edit their ads.
Each ad has its own real-time statistic.
Historical statistic for days/months in the past.
Visitors can add their own comments (reviews) to any ad. Comments can be available immediately.
Visitors can send a message to the ad owner by a web form.
Total of 3 different search forms: simple, advanced and search form for a category - this form can contain all the extra fields that are valid for the selected category.
Each classified ad has its own Ad details page. This page contains also all files and images (with thumbnails) associated to the selected ad, list of categories and areas where the ad is listed, other ads of the same owner, links to previous/next ads from the same category and area.
Visitors can inform admin that some ad should be reviewed and deleted (Abuse Report).

Ad owners can order:

- Longer listing,
- The option to upload extra images,
- The option to upload extra files,
- Home page placement,
- Placement on the Featured Ads page,
- Placement on the Featured Gallery page,
- Highlighted ads,
- Bold ads,
- PayPal "Buy Now" button. If this is ordered, there is a PayPal button directly on your pages. A visitor who wants to purchase the goods offered in the ad can click to this button to make an order.

Registered Users:

Registered users can order extra paid options for their classified ads.
Password reminder for registered users.
Owners of modified accounts receive an email which informs them that something has been modified.
Users can add ads and categories to their list of favorites.
Users can create private notes for ads, categories.
Each user receives a public page with all his/her ads listed on it.

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